Hotel “Prestige” has two bars. The first is located inside at the main hall, and the second one is located outside at the western entrance of the Hotel. Both of them offers a very warm atmosphere, relax and comfort.  The bars are open from 7.00 up to 22:30.

Prestige Restaurant is placed in the heart of the garden of Prestige Complex.
Imagine walking through a wooden door of the garden, passing by the little bridge that gives natural and freshness feeling.
You have a variety of choices where to enjoy your lunch/dinner, because the Restaurants share its environment in three floors.
You will meet with the cleanness of environment and the kindness of the employees.
The third and most important asset of Prestige Restaurant is the food, the savory flavors and exquisite taste.
All menus are prepared with the freshest ingredients for an exceptional dining experience.
Starting with a breakfast buffet and A la carte favorites and moving into fresh fish, sea foods, cheese, soups, salads, spaghettis, fillets of beef and fish and more. The Restaurant is based in Italian cuisine and the atmosphere places you in a modern and luxurious furniture and décor.
The Restaurant is open daily from 12:00 am to 11:00 pm.